Customized digital marketing for business owners determined to succeed in an online world.

Our digital marketing expertise grew out of 25+ years in traditional media. Whether you need help building, maintaining or growing your online presence, our experienced team delivers traffic, leads and sales. We're ready to upgrade your branding, website, social media, SEO, and paid advertising efforts.

You haven’t done digital marketing in a while (or ever).

We can pick up where you left off or help you start from scratch. We offer:

  • Branding and Website Development
  • Organic Social Media Management
  • Search Engine Optimization for both new and established sites
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Ads Management on Meta or Google ads.

You’ve never committed to digital marketing — but have experience with traditional.

Your last marketing project involved a media buy for billboards, radio or local TV and you have no idea where to start to tackle the digital realm. We can help you figure it out. Measure the results of your efforts immediately in ways traditional marketing can only estimate. Let us show you how much of the steps, staff and complication have been replaced with automation, advanced targeting tools and exciting formats. Services are available per project or on a retainer basis. Services are available per project or on a retainer basis.

You want someone to take over your marketing.

You’ve been doing things a certain way for a while and need a change. Whether you’re transitioning from another service provider, or because you want to focus back into the parts of your business you enjoy, our team can bring fresh eyes and ideas. Let us help interpret your data and provide strategic direction and deliverables to support your goals. Services are available per project or on a retainer basis.

Meet Rebecca Pixley!

A veteran of traditional media with a decades-long career in radio, Rebecca made the move into digital marketing strategy in 2010. With a keen eye for putting together all the building blocks for successful digital campaigns, Rebecca specializes in helping bridge the knowledge gap for experienced business owners who’ve waited to take the full leap into the digital world.

Sisu Marketing was founded with the goal of helping business owners who are great at running their business to be great at navigating all the moving parts of an increasingly digital footprint that goes beyond just a website.

“Rebecca brings the corporate processes you never knew you needed to run successful digital marketing.”

— Astrid Storey, Owner, Storey Creative