Digital Marketing Services

Brand Growth Package

Requires a twelve-month commitment

$4,000/month and a $1,000/month ad budget

We put together this package for more established, mid-sized businesses that are ready to tackle the next phase of their brand growth and outsource their marketing operations. There’s usually a no man’s land between smaller outfits that do it all themselves and big corporations that can afford to staff full-time, in-house departments. This is our sweet spot. We take over your marketing efforts so you can focus on day-to-day operations.

  • A comprehensive content strategy with exhaustive keyword research, robust platform options, suggested content pillars, and a detailed publication schedule.
  • Blogs, typically between 500-700 words, built around historically high-performing topics. Blogs also include an image and related social media posts.
  • An email newsletter, distributed with a branded template design (if needed) and up to four content sections, including the blog.
  • Social media support, informed by an audit of your existing efforts. This includes three posts a week (video and static), copywriting, professional graphics, and video editing.
  • An advertising campaign, with anywhere between one and three creatives, that’s based on audience and competitive research. We also provide the necessary copywriting and professional graphics.
  • Monthly reports on everything and a one-hour planning and review meeting.

This package isn’t a “set it and forget approach,” either. We’ll meet with you monthly and text alerts about critical milestones. Results are paramount, but we also like to focus on education, so we’re all on the same page when it comes to goals, the underlying strategy, and how we execute.

Organic Growth Package

Requires a twelve-month commitment


We’ve tailored this package for business owners who’ve been struggling to crack the code on one of the most difficult aspects of online marketing: driving organic growth. It’s even more challenging when you’re trying to run a business at the same time. Whether you want to break free from the shackles of weekly blog posts or you’re tired of wandering around Canva, we help business owners start seeing an uptick in organic growth in as little as six months. We focus on three pillars: audience retention, brand awareness, and subscriber retention.

  • A content strategy based on industry keyword research, built for multiple platform options, with proposed content pillars, and a detailed timetable.
  • Optimized 1,000-word blogs (minimum), with a hero image and a corresponding social media push.
  • An email newsletter, built on a branded template, if needed, featuring four content sections and the blog.
  • A social media strategy built from the results of an informed audit of your plan that includes at least three planned posts a week (video and static), copywriting, professional graphics, and video editing.
  • Regular performance reports and a monthly, one-hour planning and review session.

This approach isn’t for someone focused only on generating some quick sales. This plan is for the business owner committed to a consistent organic content publishing strategy with an eye toward longer-term growth.

Social Growth Package

Requires a twelve-month commitment

$2,500/month and at least a $1,000/month ad budget

This package is similar to the Organic Growth Package but we designed it for those who want faster results and offer products or services that would benefit from paid ad campaign. Buying ads on the social networks you’re already on helps drive engagement with organic posts.

  • A content plan with competitive keyword research, a bevy of platform options, suggested content pillars, and a publication schedule.
  • A social media strategy built around an audit of your existing plan includes at least three weekly posts (video and static), copywriting, professional graphics, and video editing.
  • A targeted advertising campaign including up to three creatives based on audience and competitive research. We also provide SEO-based copywriting and professional graphics. This campaign requires at least a $1,000 monthly advertising budget.
  • Regular performance reports and a monthly, one-hour planning and review session.

Like all of our packages, this strategy is meant to win the long game, where drafting a blueprint, following it carefully, and slowly building up an organic following, and nurturing that base with paid advertising to help build your business.


Landing Pages Start at $3,000

Traditional 5 Page Sites Start at $5,000

A three to six-month timeline, depending on project scope and timely deliverables

We build websites primarily for small business owners and established entrepreneurs. We also work with solopreneurs with proven business plans and sales experience. With our help, we can build a website for you that delivers traffic, leads, and ultimately, sales. 

  • Strategy – An In-depth review of your existing site to work out the ideal customer journey and experience.
  • Copywriting – Keyword-powered copywriting drafted to convert leads. 
  • Design – A professional, custom website design built according to your brand guidelines.
  • Transparent project management – A step-by-step walkthrough of the process.
  • Consulting – Expert guidance on photography, terms of service, privacy policy, etc.
  • Training – A one-hour live training session focused on basic site functionality and simple text updates.
  • Documentation – User names and passwords, hosting and domain names, as well as pricing and renewal dates.

*What’s not included? Branding, Photography and Images, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy creation. We recommend and work with the Termly service which provides regular updates as laws change for a small monthly fee. Clients without proper branding assets will need to complete that process before a website can be built. 

600 words – $600

1,000 words – $1,000

1,500 words – $1,500

12-month minimum commitment 

Small business owners or experienced entrepreneurs who need more visibility on search – and a professional upgrade in blog production – are perfect candidates for this à la carte service. 

  • Strategy – A deep dive into your business goals, target markets, and a draft of a content calendar.
  • Research – A competitive review of your market, including audience demographics, high-performing topics, and keywords.
  • Copywriting – Keyword-based copywriting tailored to most search engines and CTAs. 
  • Graphics – Assistance with the selection of appropriate images for site content and social media previews.
  • Publication – Transfer of the approved copywriting and graphics to the website.
  • Promotion – Push optimized posts to social media channels.
  • Reporting – Monthly results based on traffic reporting 


Tech setup $50/hour

Six-month minimum commitment

Capturing contact info for your customers – and prospects – is the key to growth in the digital economy. And our email newsletter marketing offering can help you build and grow those lits organically. This is ideal for businesses that have been doing their email campaigns or those who are ready to start but need help building their lists.

  • Strategy – A review of business objectives and target markets, along with the creation of a content calendar.
  • Research – A competitive market review, including audience demographics, high-performing topics, and keywords.
  • Copywriting – Engaging copy designed to drive traffic and convert leads.
  • Graphics – A branded template design (if needed) and up to four content sections (including blog).
  • Promotion – Optimized posts to the appropriate social media channels.
  • Reporting – A review of monthly results based on traffic. 


Six-month minimum commitment

Social media is easy in the beginning. But after a few weeks – or sometimes just days – the neverending demand to keep content current can be a burden on the most ambitious business owners. We offer this service to clients who are shouldering the responsibility and are ready to hand it over to a professional to maintain a consistent flow of high-quality content that will engage your followers. We also work with social media rookies who don’t know where to begin.

We build all of our social content plans based on a cohesive strategy that helps grow brand awareness.

  • Strategy – A complete content strategy built on keyword research, with several platform options, suggested content pillars, and a 180-day publication schedule.
  • Social Media – Social media support, based on an audit of your existing efforts, three posts a week (video and static), copywriting, professional graphics, and video editing.
  • Reporting – Monthly reports on post performance and a one-hour planning and review meeting.


Maybe you love social media. And you want to handle the day-to-day execution, but you need help getting started or coming up with a coherent long-term strategy.  We can help. We can work with you to build a step-by-step social media strategy for your business. And that’s often the most challenging part. We’ll start with a complete business and competitive review, an examination of audience demographics, and conduct research into high-performing topics and keywords. We also provide one hour of training, because we know just giving you fish won’t solve the problem. So we’ll be there to teach you how to reel them in.

  • Creative strategy – A review of the master plan and mission statement that forms the foundation of your brand.
  • Social pillars – An analysis of the content lanes that make up your social strategy, what should be included in that strategy, and how to leverage them best.
  • Tone of voice – A breakdown of how to talk to your audience, based on “This; not that,” examples.
  • Content ideas – Suggestions on how to bring your social pillars to life, using real world examples.
  • Platform recommendations – Help decide which social media platforms to invest in.
  • Hashtags – A breakdown of how hashtags work and how they can help drive traffic and increase awareness.
  • Audience – Explanation of who you can expect to reach on various social media channels.
  • Content management – How to best organize your social media activities.

$1,200/month and a $1,000/month ad budget minimum

Advertising is harder than it looks. And just throwing money blindly on ads is a quick way to burn through cash. We can work with you whether you have an established online audience or a compelling product that’s ready to launch. We’ve also worked with brands that have committed to marketing – and found some success – and are eager to level up with a targeted ad campaign. Anyone interested in this service must be risk tolerant and commit to at least $1,000 a month on ad spend, understanding that the budget might need to increase based on results, feedback, and the season.

  • Strategy – A complete content strategy built on keyword research, with several platform options, suggested content pillars, and at least a 90-day content schedule.
  • Advertising – One campaign, up to three creatives, SEO-optimized copywriting, and professional graphics.
  • Reporting – Transparent monthly performance reports, a one-hour meeting to review results and plan future efforts.


More than just a logo. This service is for businesses with no branding or needing an upgrade. Maybe you’re getting ready to launch your business and need all the assets to build your online presence. Maybe you’ve had just a logo and realize there’s more to communicating what you are about than putzing around in Canva with colors and a canned logo.  You want to lean into our experience with marketing psychology to create a graphical representation of your business easily recognized and embraced by your ideal client.


A website audit remains a critical first step for anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re considering a new website, or you’ve already built one. It also helps anyone who’s questioning their site design or content or why they’re not seeing the conversions they’d like. An audit offers a comprehensive review of your website, breaks down your performance numbers, and makes recommendations in the following areas:

  • User experience – Is the design creating a friendly and intuitive experience?
  • Conversion optimization – Is it designed to increase the number of visitors who take a desired action, such as filling out a form, joining an email list, or scheduling a call?
  • SEO/online visibility – Is your technical and on-page SEO giving you an edge over your competition by bringing more prospects and customers to your website from search engines like Google?
  • Performance and security – Is your site set up to load quickly? Is your SSL security license current?
  • Recommendations – Using the information in the report and the intake questionnaire, we’ll match our suggestions for improvement with your business goals and budget. We present the findings live along with a PDF.

A social media audit can be a huge help for anyone second-guessing the effectiveness of their current plan/provider, clients who are considering taking this back in-house but don’t want or need a full strategy. It could be a stepping stone to the full strategy package, in which case we’d credit the audit fee to the cost of the strategy. This audit covers a comprehensive review and recommendations to upgrade your social media plan. This review also evaluates the performance of your existing strategy and addresses the following areas:

  • Audience – Who are you reaching? How does it align with your business goals?
  • Content – Are you posting about suitable topics at the right frequency? 
  • Images – Are the visuals compelling and on-brand? 
  • Video – Are you creating appropriate video content for your channels? 
  • Engagement – How are you engaging on each platform, and how could you improve?
  • Platforms – Are you on the right platforms and posting appropriately on each?

Brands wanting better results – whether it’s better traffic sources, more engaged readers, or simply more leads – would benefit from a blog/SEO audit. It’s also worth noting that a one-time investment in SEO optimization keeps paying dividends. But prospects need to understand that marketing is a longtime investment, not a quick fix, and visible results could take at least a year to materialize. This comprehensive review includes a performance evaluation of your existing strategy and makes recommendations about:

  • Audience – Who are you reaching, and do they align with your business goals?
  • Content – Is your on-page SEO compliant with established best practices?
  • Keywords – How are your blogs ranking? What’s doing well? Where could you improve?
  • Graphics and design – A deep dive into the technical aspects of SEO, site navigation location, CTAs, and graphics.
  • Promotion – How are you sharing your blogs and repurposing your blog content?

Email newsletters are like opinions – everybody’s got one. So how do you get your to stand out from the crowd? We can help. We offer email newsletter services for clients with an email list of at least 1,000 and have been struggling to manage on their own. Work starts with a broad review of your current approach and a set of recommendations for improvement. This evaluation covers the following areas:

  • Audience – Who is in your audience? How are they responding to your emails? How can we improve that?
  • Content – What’s your content mix (informational vs. promotional)? Are topics in alignment? What are the specifics of the typical content piece in terms of length and frequency?
  • Graphics and design – Does your email reflect your branding? Is it designed to convert?
  • Delivery – A review of your publishing schedule, open rates, bounce rates, subscription and unsubscribe rates.
  • Platforms – Are you using the best email client for your business goals? 

So many businesses see Meta as the promised land, the ultimate goal of online marketing. But its not for the faint of heart. Navigating Meta’s byzantine rules and regulations can challenge the most experienced marketers. So we the launched this service to help small businesses find their way. The Meta Business Manager Audit for businesses that have never set up their business manager (if they knew there was one), and are ready to run ads or bring on an outside social media marketer and need to be sure their backend is set up properly before they invest anymore. If you’d like to include our help fixing any issues, we can do that for an extra fee. A complete review and list of suggestions for the proper, safe, and legal setup of the professional back end of Meta (Facebook/Instagram/What’s App) that’s essential to maintaining the integrity of your accounts and preventing errors or account suspensions. 

  • Users – Who has access to act on your behalf and what level of permissions do they hold? Is two-factor authentication set up for each user? Is there a backup administrator?
  • Accounts – Are your business pages, ad accounts, and pixels set up correctly?
  • Brand safety and suitability – Is your website domain verified in Meta? Have you reviewed block lists (if necessary)?
  • Billing and payments – Is your business credit card listed and connected to your ad account(s)?
  • Business Information – Is it filled out completely and accurately? Has Meta accepted your verification request?